DStv Subscription in Cameroon


Payment Methods:

  • Mobile Money
  • Credit Cards
  • Orange Money
  • MTN Mobile Money
  • Express Union Mobile Money
  • Bank Transfer

DStv Subscription in Cameroon. Have you been struggling to pay your DStv subscription online in Cameroon? You’ve come to the right place. At Pova Technologies, you can pay for your DStv subscription online in seconds. All you have to do is choose your DStv package and send us your Decoder number (smart card number). Click here to contact us for more information.

List of DStv Packages in Cameroon

  1. Confam
  2. Compact
  3. Premium
  4. Compact Plus

DStv Pricing in Cameroon

DStv Confam 11,500 FCFA
DStv Compact 15,000 FCFA
DStv Compact + Xtra View 18,000 FCFA
DStv Compact Plus 21,500 FCFA
DStv Compact Plus + Xtra View 24,000 FCFA
DStv Premium 28,500 FCFA
DStv Premium + Xtra View 31,000 FCFA
Xtra View HD PVR 7,000 FCFA
DStv Prices in Cameroon

How to Pay DStv in Cameroon

  1. Visit our website www.povatech.com
  2. Choose a DStv Package.
  3. Choose your payment method. We accept mobile money, credit cards, paypal, bank transfer etc…
  4. Contact support with your smart card number.
  5. Payment is complete.
  6. View your channels.

Steps on how to install DStv in Cameroon

  1. Purchase a DStv Satellite decoder,
  2. Buy a 90 cm satellite dish and all its accessories.
  3. Assemble the satellite dish with its accessories such as LNB and coaxial cable. Ensure that the cable is properly fitted to the Lnb.
  4. Mount the satellite dish outside facing the East. Please make sure there is no shade or obstacle that can prevent you from receiving the signals. Also make sure that the mount is firm and wind cannot easily move the dish.
  5. Connect the satellite dish to the DStv decoder.
  6. Subscribe to a DStv monthly package.
  7. Open the configuration settings on the decoder and search the channels automatically.
  8. The installation is complete. For any challenges carrying out the installation by yourself, please contact us.

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Choose Package

DStv Confam (11,500 FCFA), DStv Compact (15,000 FCFA), DStv Compact + Xtra View (18,000 FCFA), DStv Compact Plus (21,500 FCFA), DStv Compact Plus + Xtra View (24,000 FCFA), DStv Premium (28,500 FCFA), DStv Premium + Xtra View (31,000 FCFA), Xtra View HD PVR (7,000 FCFA)


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